Environmental Noise

Environmental Noise

A minefield of legislation, standards, codes of practice, etc. covers this area of work.

Sometimes ADC assists clients at the Planning Application or design stage for a new facility where noise may affect the surrounding area. See our page on Planning and Licensing.

Often, however, we assist clients to respond to complaints and legal action over an alleged nuisance, or assist local authorities or private clients with actions against noise polluters. By far the most common problems are Entertainment Noise (including Licensing, open air festivals, etc), other leisure (amusement parks, motorsport, etc), Industrial Noise (including power generation, mineral workings, recycling, and noise from mechanical plant associated with offices, shops, etc), Domestic Sound Insulation, etc. Wind farms noise and combined heat and power are also growing areas.

ADC offers a full service from basic noise assessment and control, through noise control design, to the project management of the implementation of all noise control solutions.

ADC's services include the following:

  • Noise surveys to decisively identify and quantify the alleged nuisance and its main sources. See our page on Site Testing
  • Interpretation of assessment standards, design targets, and documents from the Local Authority
  • Planning and Licensing. See also our page on Planning and Licensing.
  • Noise control. This is an enormously important part of ADC's expertise. Noise control at source is a particular area of specialism and is usually considerably cheaper to implement than conventional approaches, such as enclosures, screens and barriers, and silencers.  Conventional noise control, however, does have an important place in the noise control design armoury and, as long as it is properly designed it works extremely well.
  • Project management - managing the problem from initial survey through to the implementation and testing at completion.
  • Negotiation with local authority, planners, third parties, etc. Witness statements and giving evidence in courts of all types and levels. See our pages on Expert Witnessing and the Legal Professions sector.