Architectural/ Building Acoustics

ADC's work in Architectural Acoustics and Building Acoustics covering all aspects of the design and trouble-shooting of buildings of all types.

This includes:

  • Residential Accommodation, driven by the Building Regulations Approved Document E (often referred to as ADE or Part E). It is not always straight forward to interpret but it sets out guidance and criteria for sound insulation performance for all types of residential accommodation, including dwellings, apartments, hotels, student halls of residence, residential homes. ADC is an ANC approved test body for pre completion testing under Approved Document E.
  • Schools, particularly where affected by the design requirements of Building Bulleting 93 (BB93), BREEAM, etc. Background noise, sound insulation and internal acoustics are key to all teaching and performance spaces, as well as dining and assembly halls, offices, etc.
  • Hospitals are covered by criteria in HTM 08-01, BREEAM and other guidance. A typical hospital includes noise sources such as external noise, mechanical services, trolley movements, outside visitors and staff. Additionally, the noise receivers can be highly sensitive. Added to this are the additional problems of high reverberation due to hard cleanable surfaces, and the need for high levels of speech privacy. Intensely specialist acoustic environments such as audiology suites are also an important part of our work.
  • Offices, public buildings, retail, etc need to meet criteria for background noise levels. privacy, and reverberation such as those of BREEAM or other guidance depending on the purpose or situation.
  • Theatres, Cinemas, Nightclubs, Pubs, Restaurants, etc might be covered by planning conditions, industry standards such Odeon, or criteria tailored to the particular context. They involved high levels of noise, critical internal acoustic requirements and the risk of disturbance to neighbours.

See also our pages on Site Testing, Planning and Licensing, Commercial, Leisure Industry

ADC can provide a full range of services for design and troubleshooting including the following:

  • Site Surveys in accordance with relevant standards
  • Planning
  • Envelope Design - external noise break-in and/or internal noise break-out
  • Internal Sound Transfer ie. sound insulation and privacy between spaces
  • Internal Acoustics e.g. speech intelligibility versus music warmth and ambience.
  • Mechanical Services Noise
  • Sound System Design
  • Design team meetings and site inspections
  • Pre Completion Testing (ANC Registered test body for pre completion testing of Airborne sound insulation and impact sound transfer)
  • Analysis and diagnoses of existing sound insulation problems
  • Investigations and expert evidence for disputes
  • Air Pressure testing.